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The Unlikely Plan (TUP) is an experienced multi-national guild with members from all over the world. We currently reside in Guild Wars 2, where we are one of the few original guilds that remain.

Since release, TUP has been a well known and respected name, largely owing to our 'never give up' attitude, friendly members, stable leadership and strong performances in World versus World. We aim to compete with the very best and always put up a good fight, win or lose, whilst maintaining a relaxed and jovial atmosphere for our members to enjoy the game. This ethic has seen TUP grow and prosper over the course of our GW2 life.

To maintain the successful and enjoyable gaming environment we enjoy at TUP, members are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly, supportive and respectful manner whilst demonstrating a willingness to improve. Disrespectful or deliberately insulting behaviour is not tolerated in TUP.

Contact Us

Should you have any queries, contact quenoz.3859 ingame or contact any member in-game who can direct you to an officer. Should you wish to apply, please do so by creating an account on this site and then following the instructions.

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